Created for Diabetes Consultants, Diabetes Specialist Nurses and Diabetes Dietetic Nurses in secondary care, this dedicated conference will provide an excellent introduction to the practicalities of managing patients on flash glucose monitoring. This interactive conference will feature structured education, AGP interpretation and case-based examples. It is a great opportunity to share best practice, ask your service development questions and hear adult, paediatric and pregnant patient experiences.

Highlights include:

Clinical outcomes and case based decisions: meeting the different needs of people with diabetes
Encouraging education and understanding: ensuring flash glucose monitoring will help people with diabetes
Patient insight: assessment from a transitional young person, an adult and pregnant woman with diabetes
Shared experience of structured education, group vs individual meetings, apps and virtual clinics
Data interpretation: deducing trend arrows and making the right life style changes and corrections
Interactive workshops: shared experience of the Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) – questions, answers and discussion
Taking flash glucose monitoring forward: the next steps in empowering people with diabetes