This is a unique last-minute lecture course with videos and live demonstrations of structured discussions and simulated patient tasks that will enable delegates to understand the principles that underpin the MRCOG Part 3 Clinical Skills Assessment oral examination.This final preparation course is held on the Friday before the RCOG MRCOG Part 3 Examination and is ideally suited for those from the UK and abroad who want an exam refresher before the exam day.Learning objectivesto describe the structure and format of the MRCOG Part 3 examinationto reproduce the components parts of the blueprint matrix of the MRCOG Part 3 examinationto describe the basic structure of the examiner marking systemto relate the five clinical skills domains to clinical situations from the 14 modules of the Part 3 syllabus at an ST5 level of trainee competenceto discern and analyse the differences between task pass and fail performancesWho should attend?Candidates who have passed the MRCOG Part 2 written examinationMRCOG Part 3 Course ConvenorDr Anju Aggarwal MRCOG, LondonMRCOG Part 3 Deputy Course ConvenorMr Sanjeev Sharma FRCOG, LiverpoolHonorary Director of ConferencesMr Philip Toozs-Hobson FRCOG, BirminghamHonorary Deputy Director of ConferencesMr Andrew Sizer FRCOG, Shrewsbury