Anatomy and physiology of wound healing

Skin Pathophysiology

Essential Skin Surgery

Common skin lesions, sebaceous cysts and lipomas

Cryotherapy/Local Anaesthesia

Peri/Postoperative Wound Care

Curretage, cautery and diathermy

Ingrown Toenail

Practical Workshops on Porcine Tissue

Local anaesthetic technique

Suturing technique

Removal of sebaceous cysts

Removal of lipomas

Wound Dressings

Aims & Objectives

How to close wounds effectively

How to use simple dressings

When to do minor skin surgery

Basics of skin flaps


This courseis a One day hands on practical cadaveric workshop for General Practitioners, and is designed to build confidence and consolidate the skills of GP`s who regularly perform minor surgery

The programme consists of intensive technical tuition in minor surgery techniques delivered in small group informal theory and hands on practical sessions under the supervision of some of the most experienced clinicians in the field