Unlike the syllabus-based 2-day minor surgery course which covers issues in skin surgery in which there have been little or no new evidence this year we aim to encourage GPs who carry out minor surgery to network and support each other by sparking discussions on:•Pitfalls in diagnosis of dermal and subdermal lesions•Developments in medicolegal matters•Avoiding the unavoidable risks of scars and bleeding•Ironing out the errors in the elliptical excision•Keeping your nose clean with good notekeeping•Marking cutting and closure – how small changes affect outcomeThe course materials will form a regularly updated reference in published literature and delegates will have access to ongoing clinical advice from the course leadFacilitator/Speaker This course is led and taught by Dr Soon Lim who does minor surgery teaches minor surgery and gives his expert advice on minor surgery to the MPS MDU and GMC. At present he leads the minor surgery courses for 8 separate RCGP faculties and for the ASPC in response to individual CCG requests. He will continue to support and advise past delegates on any of his courses.