This RCGP course has been specifically designed to ensure experienced practitioners meet the requirements of the 2014 DES Minor Surgery Contract and has been approved by NHS England (formulated from the latest NHS e-guidelines) to do so.This highly practical and interactive course also features the Direct Observations of Procedural Skills (DOPS) Assessment (required by NHS England for all GPs already practising and looking to re-accredit to continue to practise minor surgery in London – unless you perform more than 100 minor surgery procedures per year. DOPS is not a specific requirement outside of London but it is recommended by NHS England.) Curated by Dr Apul Parikh GP with a special interest in minor surgery and dermatology and a qualified EBOPRAS (European Board of Plastic Surgery) plastic surgeon.To continue practising minor surgery the NHS requires GPs to attend an update course such as this every three years. Aimed as a refresher at GPs who are already experienced in providing skin minor surgery, this educational activity is considered to be of high quality and relevant for general practitioners CPD Revalidation and DOPS assessment needs. PricingMember rate: £250Non-member rate: £275