This one day course is aimed at practitioners working with musculoskeletal patients who would like to improve their assessment, diagnosis and management skills of musculoskeletal conditions, including the role of, theory behind and practical use of musculoskeletal corticosteroid injections.This is a highly practical course, and consists of a series of short and punchy lectures in the morning, following by hands on demonstrations and supervised practice for the rest of the day.The course is designed for GPs, hospital doctors, nurse practitioners and other primary care professionals, but is also suitable for any healthcare professional looking to expand the range of treatments they offer.The aim of the course is to enable delegates to be able to use the skills they gain immediately within their practice.All Allied Health Professionals should confirm the education requirements with their Professional Body prior to the practice of injection therapy. Many professions will require a post graduate diploma in injection therapy, which this course will not provide. For AHPs, it will serve as an excellent introduction or as a CPD refresher for these treatments. What Does the Joint Injection Course Cover?Principles of soft tissue InjuriesStress Strain CurveHistory TakingExaminationGrading of strainsPrinciples of managementPrinciples of Corticosteroid Injection TherapyWorkloadEffects of drugsAppropriate DrugsEvidencePracticing Corticosteroid Injection TherapyIndicationsContraindicationsPrecautionsWarnings & Side EffectsProcedureElbow, Wrist & HandClinical examination of the elbow, wrist and handDistinguishing between various conditionsTreatment optionsTennis Elbow InjectionGolfers Elbow InjectionTrigger Finger InjectionDe Quervains InjectionFirst Metacarpal Joint InjectionCarpel Tunnel InjectionsLower LimbClinical Examination of Hip & KneeDistinguishing between various conditionsTreatment OptionsKnee Condition InjectionsTrochanteric Bursa InjectionTreatment of Greater Tuberosity Pain SyndromePlantar Fasciitis treatmentShoulderClinical ExaminationDistinguishing between various conditionsTreatment OptionsSubacromial Space InjectionAcromioclavicular Joint InjectionGlenohumeral Injection