We have not rested on our laurels. This regularly-updated minor surgery course programme has armed delegates from the Scottish Islands to the London borough of Tower Hamlets with the knowledge and skills to deliver a safe stress-free evidence-based skin surgery service in general practice. We cover the whole range of procedures from the additional services to the DES. A high tutor to delegate ratio and small group work allows an introduction or fine-tuning of technical skills supported by current published literature and guidance. A review of the current medicolegal landscape highlights the pitfalls to avoid with ease. Taught by tutors with a background in general practice and led by the education lead for the Association of Surgeons in Primary Care and an expert witness for the MPS MDU and GMC this course guides you to an enjoyable stress-free minor surgery practice. The many hands-on closely-supervised practical sessions will cover the whole syllabus:• Simple rules for confident lesion recognition• Avoid common risks by being prepared• Seek valid consent and avoid the stress of complaints• Impress patients with comfortable and effective local anaesthesia• Cryotherapy curettage and cautery with small group practical sessions• Logical steps in the excision biopsy of moles and blunt dissection of cysts• Ingrowing toenail surgery without tears• Skin closure to minimise suture marks• DOPS assessment to document how good you will be• Good notekeeping and auditThe course materials will form a regularly updated reference in published literature and delegates will have access to ongoing clinical advice from the course lead. The course is suitable for GPs who are new to Minor Surgery