Paul Dromgoole
RGN, RNMH, MSc Diabetes, PGCE
Clinical Lecturer – Diabetes / Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Supporting those on Insulin Therapy: A Guide to Insulin Therapy for Primary Care Who are these Workshops aimed at?

These 2 insulin workshops are aimed at health care professionals (Nurses, GP’s, Pharmacists) in primary care. They may also be of value for secondary care Health Care Professionals (HCP’s) who are fairly new to supporting patients on insulin.

Note: These workshops are not intended to enable HCP’s to initiate insulin. For that I suggest you identify a competency-based programme which incorporates an initial mentoring type strategy. Get in touch with your local secondary care Diabetes Centre if you are struggling to identify such a programme.

What you should gain from these workshops:

  • A greater awareness of and confidence in the principles of assessment of glucose profiles.
  • An appreciation of the principles of insulin dose adjustment.
  • Understanding of the roles and place of different types of insulin regime.
  • Insight into principles of carbohydrate counting and insulin to carbohydrate ratios.
  • Awareness of the importance of and some strategies for supporting patient empowerment and decision making around insulin dose adjustment.
  • A greater insight into some of the technology currently used to enable patient self-management of their condition.
  • An understanding of ‘sick day rules’ or managing illness for those on insulin therapy.

Workshop 2

  • Clarification and pick up on questions following Workshop 1.
  • Insights into Multiple Injection Therapy (MIT): Who for and how do you support patient self-management of MIT?
  • What can be managed in primary care? What may need referring to secondary (specialist) care?
  • Principles of carbohydrate counting and insulin to carb’ ratios.
  • ‘Flash’ glucose monitoring – an overview and criteria for commencing.
  • Case based learning – further examples of blood glucose profiles and interactive discussion.
  • Your questions!