Miss Stella Hornby MA (Cantab) MB BChir FRCOphth MD

“Eye problems account for 1.5% of GP consultations in the UK with a rate of 50 consultations per 1000 population per year” (RCGP Curriculum Statement 15.5). In primary healthcare, one has the opportunity to home in on preventable causes of blindness with only limited tools available. Key to GP, the history is often underestimated and can provide your diagnosis with the “opening gambit”.

A formal measurement of visual acuity and competent use of the ophthalmoscope can reveal all the necessary signs to either manage the eye complaint or coordinate effective and appropriate care with other specialist eye services.

The workshop will expand upon the knowledge and skill of current GP eye care by providing a practical, thorough and time efficient approach to the eye patient that the GP can immediately put into practice.