This will be the 3rd lecture in the medicinal plant lecture series where there will be discussions on plants with medicinal uses grown in medieval gardens as well as a talk on plant poisions used as weapons.1.30pm Registration2pm Lecture3pm Tea and coffee with garden tours of relevant plants4pm Lecture5pm Event finishes’The little garden and the great herbal: medicinal plants in the medieval garden’Dr Richard BisgroveThe medieval garden was used to produce ‘meate and medicine’ and as a place of spiritual refreshment. Dr Richard Bisgrove will draw on Wahlafrid Strabo’s 9th-century Hortulus and John Gerard’s 16th century Great Herbal to discuss the plants grown in the medieval garden and their medicinal uses.’Plant poisons for arrows and harpoons’Dr Ann FergusonPoison has been put on darts and arrows at least sine the book of Job was written. This talk will review the worldwide use of plants and poisons for darts, arrows and harpoons, and discuss the pharmacology of the posions and where relevant, their application to modern medicine.