This one-day in-house course, led by anexperienced Barrister and AccreditedMediator, covers the legal frameworksurrounding the Duty of Candour and what itmeans in practice.The training will include sessions on meetingand communicating with patients andfamilies. It will also cover what is a notifiablepatient safety incident (both in an NHS andnon-NHS context), moderate and severeharm, making apologies, compensation,supporting staff, an overview of Root CauseAnalysis and record keeping.The emphasis will be on developing thepractical skills needed to ensure compliancewith the Duty of Candour.This masterclass will ensure a solidunderstanding of the Duty of Candourprocess, including:• Statutory framework• Professional and ethical Codes of Practice• What are notifiable events?• Accountability and responsibility• Apologies and admissions of liability• Compensation• Meeting with families• Investigating incidents• Communicating in writing