This practical masterclass is facilitated by Kate HillSolicitor InPractice and will offer practical guidanceon the use of restrictive interventions and the legalframework.Healthcare professionals may not think thatthey use restrictive interventions but enhancedobservations, physical restraint, mechanical restraint,chemical restraint, searches, seclusion and longtermsegregation are all considered to be restrictiveinterventions and should be used with appropriatepolicies and procedures in place. It is important thatrestrictive interventions are used appropriately,legally and ethically and also part of a careprogramme aimed at reducing the interventions.Delegates will have the opportunity to raise issuesand concerns specific to their own practice, with theemphasis being on allowing delegates to train othermembers of staff on the course content. The coursewill be run by an experienced Mental HealthcareLawyer and will be case study led.Content• Overview of the Mental Capacity Act and MentalHealth Acts and Codes of Practice• Review of case law and DoLS update• Best Interests Assessments• Incident de-briefs and reviews• Care Plans• Documentation; a practical guide including theintroduction of the FMA (five-minute appraisal)system