This one day masterclass is aimed at Consultantswho wish to have the opportunity to reflect ontheir current approaches to managing their timeand learn about steps they can take to becomeeven more effective.In the ever evolving landscape of healthcareprovision the need to work more efficiently andachieve ‘more with less’ is more important thanever. The greatest asset we have is our time andpersonal effectiveness is directly proportionalto the degree in which we manage our timeeffectively.Aimed at Consultants this interactive 1-dayprogramme will explore how you can be moreproductive and make more efficient use ofthe time you have. The Time ManagementToolkit provided will help you to bring moreclarity to how you plan your working life andyour personal commitments. This course willempower you to become more efficient bothwithin your professional and personal settings.Facilitated by:Matt Green, Director of TeachMedica. Matt is an experienced facilitator and high performance coach ofhealthcare professionals and is a keen advocate of empowering individuals to achieve a balanced approachto their professional and personal commitments. He has spent the last fifteen years working closely withhealthcare professionals to improve and enhance their personal effectiveness skills and to support them torealise their potential. Matt’s particular interest lies in how we can empower individuals, through developinga greater awareness of their personal attributes, to successfully effect change in the NHS, ever mindful of themyriad of challenges that exist in the ever changing landscape of the NHS.