This Master Class will enable participants to gain a deeperunderstanding of the evidence surrounding Criteria LedDischarge and support them to tackle the complexities ofimplementing change, leading to new patient dischargepractice.Improving patient flow, in the context of unrelentingworkforce pressures, through emergency and urgent careis an NHS and government priority with many improvementstrategies to support this, such as Red to Green, TrustedAssessors and SAFER bundle. Criteria Led Discharge(CLD) is integral approach delivering these strategies.CLD has been described as a process where the clinicalparameters for patient discharge are clearly defined usingindividualized criteria. Once patients meet the criteria acompetent member of hospital team can manage theirdischarge from hospital. If CLD is to be operationalizedin acute settings and risks minimized, an approach thatfacilitates individualization but ensures patient safety, mightcontribute to improvements such as timely discharge andaccelerated patient flow.Who should attend:Senior Nurses with a responsibility to improve patientdischarge or wishing to implement criteria led discharge.Service improvement colleagues wishing to considerevidence based practices in the acute discharge process,which may lead to a reduction in the length of patient stay.Nurses whose role it is to coordinate patient dischargeand are curious regarding ways to improve the dischargeprocess.Consultants and their teams who wish to adopt a systematicapproach using evidence and principles developed.A Healthcare Conferences UK MasterclassIntroducing Criteria LedPatient Discharge from HospitalFriday 29th November 2019 De Vere, West One, LondonProgramme:9.30 Registration Tea and Coffee10.00 Introductions/Aims of the day10.20 Core presentation of systematic reviewof evidence and policy supporting thedevelopments in discharge practice11.00 Coffee Break11.15 Resolving barriers and facilitators: pragmaticsolutions12.15 Training needs analysis and core skillsframework1.00 Lunch2.00 Individual review (s) of Patient DischargeProcess – to identify changes required forimplementation of Criteria Led Discharge3.15 Tea break3.30 Group work: to identify -Patient Outcomes; Organisational Outcomes;Establishing Key Performance Indicators4.30 CloseThe masterclass is facilitated by Liz Lees-Deutsch. Liz works as a senior nurse in acute medicine for University HospitalsBirmingham NHS Foundation Trust and Lecturer at the University of Birmingham. She has 31 years post registeredexperience in nursing. In 2018 she completed her PhD (funded by the National Institute for Healthcare Research) exploringpatient assessment for effective patient discharge. During 2018, she also lead a Systematic Review of evidence supportingCriteria and Nurse Led Discharge, working closely with a senior colleague form the NHSi. Liz has built on this work in theacute medical setting and collaborated with the NHSi to write principles and a framework for local policy development.Liz is currently establishing a multi-site project to evaluate the implementation of criteria led discharge. Liz embraces thephilosophy that implementation of change and service improvements for patients are more sustainable and effectivewhen supported by good quality evidence. In 2019, Liz was awarded a prestigious place on the Inaugural 70@70 Nurseand Midwife Research Leaders Programme. This enables her to support nurses in their capability to implement researchbased activities across her employing Trust. She has 83 published articles and 3 books. Liz regards herself as a pragmatist,supported by theory and the evidence base.