What is it about?This one day NHS networking conference will focus on the practicalities for supporting your type 1 diabetes patients’ with their diet and exercise challenges. You will hear from leading Dieticians, Diabetologists and Diabetes Specialist Nurses to learn how teams from across the country manage diet and exercise in patients with type 1 diabetes through presentations and interactive discussion sessions focussing on:High intensity versus low intensity exercise for T1DMaking appropriate adjustments to insulin after exercise Explore the impact of replenishment post exercise for patients with T1 diabetesWorking collaboratively with your patients to improve their diabetes and exercise managementHow can technology aid you in supporting your patients with diabetes?Exercise and CGM/Flash GM: utilising trend arrows and applying correctionsPatient experience: Discover the real-life experience of managing diet and exercise with T1 diabetesMeasure and assess the impact of protein shakes and supplements for patients with T1DManaging diet and diabetes for children: working collaboratively with familiesExplore the impact of low carbohydrate diets for patients with T1 diabetesBy focussing on how to encourage your patients to eat a healthy balanced diet and to be active, as well as supporting patients’ challenges including liquid and low carb diets, competitive exercise, keeping blood glucose in target range and managing diabetes before, during and after exercise, you will take away a wealth of knowledge which will enable you to make a change in your role.