This programme is appropriate for both aspiring and those already in a management role. Through group work and work-based activities it imparts up-to-date, best practice methods of managing and leading. The delegate will gain personal awareness of their leadership style and how to adapt their natural style to engage and motivate individuals within their team. They will also learn how to manage the team to ensure maximum team effectiveness in the workplace.ObjectivesTo develop responsibilities and accountabilities of the first line managerTo manage the issues, you may face with work-based friends and colleagues when moving from ‘peer’ to ‘leader’To build and manage an effective team through key leadership skillsTo develop essential people management skillsTo develop key coaching and delegation techniques to strengthen the team’s capabilitiesTo increase your confidence and ability in performance managing your team membersTo understand your own leadership style, the impact this can have on others, and how to adapt your style to suit the individual and the situation