Podiatrists have had access to local anaesthetics since the 1970s. This changed clinical practice significantly, and enabled podiatrists to expand their scope of practice considerably. Graduate podiatrists now begin their career with the ability to supply and administer medicines and since 2013 the profession has had access to independent prescribing. This event will provide an opportunity for podiatrists to contextualise their use of medicines within the legislative frameworks and clinical governance, and improve their confidence in practice.This event aims to provide encouragement and confidence building for those using medicines within podiatry; providing a framework of understanding for expanding use of medicines within podiatric practice.Who should attendAll podiatrists with POM annotation, or who have completed their prescribing training; podiatry managers and team leaders in NHS services, podiatry students. Suitable for:Podiatric Students Podiatrists Outside the UK Podiatrists Specialist Podiatrists Advanced Podiatrists and Consultants 6 CPD Credits APPLIED FOR10 May 2019 Book Now CoordinatorHanne Wylie +44 (0) 141 221 6072 Email Coordinator