For nearly a decade, the LSX World Congress has been bringing together the executives that matter to the future of healthcare and life science strategy, investment, partnering and deal making.

LSX World Congress gathers the founders and CEOs of innovative start-ups through to publicly listed healthcare giants, and everyone in between. It represents the breadth and depth of cutting-edge research and technology driving the advances in the industry right now and in the near future.

The biotech, healthtech and medtech industry’s c-suite will be joined by the sector’s most active investors, big pharma, big medtech and health technology BD and L teams, R and D leaders, KOLs and top tier service companies who are driving the sector forward.

In an industry as dynamic as this, LSX World Congress gathers those who are developing technologies, solutions and new business models to tackle the world’s biggest healthcare challenges, and helps answer the question; what’s next and how do we get there?

With our relentless focus on quality peer-to-peer discussion, high-level networking and partnering, intimate conference formats and a vetted, high-calibre audience, we help you Connect with Purpose.

As convergence across health and care technology sub-sectors continues to be the major driving force in improving patient care and outcomes, the Congress continues the focus across all areas of innovation – Biotech, Medtech and Healthtech Leaders.

At the heart of the Biotech Leaders network are the founders and CEOs of the world’s most innovative drug discovery and therapeutic start-ups and SMEs. Attendees in 2023 include:

– Joern-Peter Halle, Chief Strategy Officer, Merck KGaA
– Debbie Baron, SVP, Worldwide Business Development, Pfizer
– Jane Buus Laursen, Corporate VP Business Development, Novo Nordisk
– Rya n Richardson, Chief Strategy Officer, BioNTech
– Jan van de Winkel, CEO, Genmab
– Monika Vnuk, Managing Director, Blackstone Life Sciences
– Jie D’Elia, SVP Business Development, Oncology and Haematology, Bristol Myers Squibb
– Matthias Mullenbeck, SVP, Head Global BD and Alliance Management, Merck KGaA
– Tim Haines, Managing Partner, Abingworth Life Sciences
– Chris Brown, Senior Director, Oncology Worldwide Business Development, GSK
– Lori Badura, VP, Head of Global Neuroscience and Rare Disease Partnering, Ipsen
– Nauman Shah, Global Head, Janssen Business Development, Johnson and Johnson

At the heart of the Medtech Leaders network are the founders and CEOs of the world’s most innovative medical technology, device, diagnostic and mHealth start-ups, SMEs and leading companies. Attendees in 2023 include:

– Bronwyn Brophy, President Immunodiagnostics Division, Thermofisher
– Ori Hadomi, Vice President Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, Medtronic
– Staci van Schagen-Toback, Head of M and A Integration and Disentanglement, Philips
– Thom Rasche, Managing Partner, Earlybird
– Eileen Buckley, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and ESG Strategy, Stryker
– Thomas Hummel, Digital Transformation Corporate Development, Fresenius Kabi
– Rebecca Sheridan, Vice President Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, Oxford Endovascular
– Andrew Glass, CEO, Vivasure Medical
– Benjamin Hertzog, CEO, Intelligent Implants
– Herve de Kergohen, Venture Partner, Alpha Blue Ocean
– Catherine Boule, Managing Partner, Karista
– Erwin Keeve, Professor of Surgical Navigation and Robotics, Charite

At the heart of the Healthtech Leaders network are the founders and CEOs of the world’s most innovative healthtech, digital health and DTx startups, SMEs and leading companies. Attendees in 2023 include:

– Christian Hein, Global Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation Execution, Novartis
– Francesca Domenech Wuttke, Founder and CEO, nen health
– Mark Davies, Chief Medical Officer, IBM
– Evie Mulberry, Managing Partner, Astia Fund
– Geraint Lewis, Director of Population Health, Microsoft
– Clara Campas, Managing Partner, Asabys
– Soren Smed Ostergaard, VP, Digital Health, Novo Nordisk
– Christoph Kausch, Managing Partner, MTIP
– Liz Ashall-Payne, CEO and Co-Founder, ORCHA Healthcare
– Marta Gaia Zanchi, Managing Partner, Nina Capital
– Mats Berggren, Head of Search and Evaluation, Digital Innovation and External R and D, Merck
– Megan Coder, Vice President of Global Policy, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Join us at the Business Design Centre in London.


Registration starts from GBP £295, see the website for full details.: GBP 295.00