This half day course provides you with the knowledge and skills to safely prepare for and insert a chest drain using the seldinger technique. You will be given the opportunity to practice this technique in a safe environment whilst being supervised by experienced faculty members.What topics will you cover?This course aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to safely prepare for and insert a chest drain using the seldinger technique. During the course you will learn about:AnatomyIndications for drain insertionInsertion techniqueComplications and drain managementWho is the course for?This course is for F1, F2, Core & HST trainees who wish to develop and improve their seldinger chest drain insertion technique.Regional CT1 & CT2 please contact Mandy Sedler ; ,for code assistance.How will you learn?This course combines face-to-face and online activities in a seamless and complementary flow of learning.Prior to joining us on the day, you’ll be enrolled on to our bespoke Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) where we encourage you to access a range of pre-reading activities prior to attending the face-to-face session. Within this suite of resources we ask you to complete a short self-assessment to help us tailor the face-to-face session to your existing knowledge and skills.During the face-to-face component of the course, you’ll have the opportunity to further deepen your learning by asking questions of our experienced faculty who will be supervising you as you practice the seldinger chest drain insertion technique on one of our clinical skills manikins.Once you have successfully completed all components of the course you will be issued with a Directly Observed Procedures (DOPS) certificate and certificate of attendance – downloadable via our VLE to add to your ePortfolio or use as evidence in your ARCP.