Welcome to the Leeds Neuroanatomy Courses website. The aims and objectives of this site are to provide information on courses that are available and jointly run by Leeds Neurosurgeons and The School of Biomedical sciences.Two courses are run through the year:Part I: aimed at the Junior Neurosurgical Trainee within the earlier years of their training ST3- ST5 (UK). The focus is on the anatomy of commoner Neurosurgical approaches. The next course will be held September 12th and 13th 2019.Part II: aimed at the Senior Neurosurgical trainee towards the later part of their training ST6-ST8 (UK). The focus being the anatomy of more complex approaches. The next course will be run on July 4th and 5th 2019.Please use this website to gather information and apply online. Links are provided to give you directions to the Worsley Building, where the two day course will be held. Further information and links are available directing you to nearby accommodation.Leeds Neuroanatomy CoursesThese courses have been developed in partnership with the School of Biomedical Science , Leeds University and neurosurgeons based at Leeds. The aim being to increase the clinically relevant Neuro-anatomical knowledge of Neurosurgical trainees. The courses are designed to allow maximum hands-on experience in the Anatomy Skills Laboratory supervised by Neurosurgeons.