We are delighted to announce a Knee MRI Reporting Workshop at Lancaster on 21st Nov 2019. This will be a fully comprehensive one day workshop simulating real reporting conditions using 40 Individual Apple iMac Workstations. This will be an engaging and comprehensive Hands-on workshop with Systematic Approach to Knee MRI Reporting emphasising: What to look for ?How to look for ?How to interpret your observations with a focus on reporting terminologies used andWhat they mean to the clinicians ?On completion of this reporting workshop we expect you to be able to confidently report most Knee MRI examinations in your day to day practice and know when to ask someone else. This course is intended to help you in developing a structured approach to interpretation of Knee MRI, fine-tune your skills and enhance your productivity. We look forward to giving you an educational experience to remember.Course fee: £220.00 onlyFor more details about the course and for registration please visit the website sponsors: Cannon, Sectra and Medica