Course Syllabus/Learning Aims:At the end of the course and with referral to the supporting course notes/learning materials delegates should be able to:Demonstrate accurate and competent examination techniques of jointsIdentify and diagnose common articular and soft tissue disorders Identify safe and appropriate anatomical landmarks for soft tissue/joint injectionDescribe indications and contraindications for joint injectionSelect an appropriate steroid agent dose and volume for injection of a given presenting conditionUnderstand the role of ultrasound in injection treatmentDemonstrate safe and appropriate needle placement for a given presenting conditionDescribe post-injection aftercare including home exercisesRecognise and manage adverse reactions and complicationsThe course covers:Examination of jointsSoft tissue disordersAnatomical landmarks for soft tissue/joint injectionsContraindicationsSteroid agents and dosageUltrasoundNeedle placementPots-injection careAdverse reactions and complications * There is an exciting addition in these courses and learners will be taught about the pros and cons of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.As well as viewing various videos and demonstrations by the tutor delegates will also undertake joint injections on simulated models under the tutor’s guidance and DOPS (Direct Observation of Procedural Skills) assessments as required by NHS England.Course CostsRCGP Member £285.00Non- Member £320.00AiT £275.00Organiser nameDebbie BoardEmail