his is a practical workshop that will introduce delegates to Stata and its uses for statistical analysis. The course is suitable for individuals who are new to Stata, or who feel they would benefit from a refresher course (from a basic level). No prior knowledge of Stata is assumed; however, knowledge of basic statistics (e.g., p-values, significance tests) is advantageous. This course will cover the following topics:Getting started with the Stata interfaceData entry/loading (including do files and log files)Data manipulationDescriptive StatisticsGraphicsBrief introduction to T-tests, installing new packages and the drop-down menu(Notes provided will also contain detailed explanation of standard parametric and non-parametric test)Please note: this is not a statistical theory course, it is intended to teach delegates about the Stata software. As such, dedicated time cannot be given to describing and explaining theory and statistical tests (these are taught on our 5 day course – ‘Introduction to research methods and statistics’).Delegates are welcome to bring their own laptops and access to the UCL Guest network will also be provided. Everyone wishing to bring their own computer should ensure a recent version of Stata is installed (ideally v14 or higher) before attending (installation guidelines will be made available two weeks before the course).