This Introduction to COPD workshop is designed for Healthcare professionals who see patients with respiratory problems and would benefit from an overview of the diagnosis and management of COPD – one of the most costly diseases for acute care in the NHS today, and an area where UK mortality rates remain considerably higher than the European average.

Informal lectures, interactive discussions and facilitated sessions led by expert practising clinicians will outline the condition and the complexities and basic management of COPD, as well as the underpinning strategies and guidelines e.g. the recent COPD Clinical Outcomes strategy, NICE and other international guidelines.

This workshop will give you confidence in your ability to diagnose and manage this debilitating condition, as well as enabling you to identify your further learning requirements in this area.

You will learn to:

Understand what COPD is and when to suspect it
Recognise the importance of history investigations when making a diagnosis
Be aware of the range of treatment options, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological for people with COPD
Understand the impact of COPD on the individual and to address this issue