“Our analysis of incidents reported to the NHS National Reporting and Learning System suggests that sexual incidents are alsocommonplace on mental health wards.” Sexual safety on mental health wards, Care Quality Commission Sept 2018“People have a right to feel and be safe while accessing treatment in mental health wards. As the quality regulator, our priority is toensure that people using healthcare services are kept safe and that their privacy and dignity are maintained. This means ensuring thatpatients are protected from sexual safety incidents, and supporting patients who may behave inappropriately due to their condition.”Sexual safety on mental health wards, Care Quality Commission Sept 2018“People with mental health conditions have just as much right as everyone else to safe and fulfilling sexual relationships. However,people affected by mental ill health can at times act in disinhibited ways or may lack the mental capacity to make sound decisionsabout relationships. They may also have experienced abuse in the past, which might have contributed to their mental ill health andwhich might leave them at risk of exploitation by others. These factors make it more likely that people engage in sexual behaviourthat they would not when well or make them vulnerable to sexual abuse.” Sexual safety on mental health wards, Care QualityCommission Sept 2018“People who use mental health services and their families want sexual safety incidents to be taken seriously. They would also like tobe involved in planning improvements to practice going forward. This reinforces the importance of creating a culture that is intolerantof any unwanted sexual behaviour and open in encouraging staff and patients to report and discuss sexual wellbeing and sexual safetyincidents.” Sexual safety on mental health wards, Care Quality Commission Sept 2018This conference focuses Improving Sexual Safety on Mental Health Wards in response to the concerns raised by the Care QualityCommission. Chaired by Sean Duggan Chief Executive, Mental Health Network, the conference will provide national updates and practicalcase studies from NHS Trusts that have tackled this issue in practice.This conference will enable you to:• Network with colleagues who are working to improve Sexual Safety on Mental Health Wards• Reflect on the Lived Experience in Training, educating and empowering frontline staff to keep patients safe from unwanted sexual behaviour• Learn from outstanding practice in promoting the sexual safety of people using the service• Reflect on national developments and learning• Improve the way you work in partnership with the police• Develop your skills in risk assessment• Understand how you change the culture• Identify key strategies for responding to an incident: supporting patients and staff• Develop your skills in root cause analysis following an incident• Self assess and reflect on your own practice• Gain cpd accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence100% of delegates at our previous conference on this subject would recommend it to a colleagues