“We found that there are few national standards for trusts to benchmark themselves against so trusts can beunclear about what good looks like. In particular, we found huge variation in reporting times and how trustsmonitored these.” A national review of radiology reporting within the NHS in England, Care Quality Commission 2018“Increased demand means that almost all radiology departments are struggling with workload. In the 2017 censusonly 3% of radiology departments stated that they were able to meet all their reporting requirements within staffcontracted hours” The Royal College of Radiologists UK workforce census report 2017“A small number of trusts told us that IT challenges and technical issues with their Radiology Information System(RIS)* and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) † limited their ability to monitor turnaround times”A national review of radiology reporting within the NHS in England, Care Quality Commission 2018“We have updated our inspection key lines of enquiry and provider information requests to make sure that we caninspect radiology services in more depth. We have also improved the resources we provide our hospital inspectorsto make sure that they feel confident when inspecting diagnostic imaging departments. These changes will meanthat we can monitor the reporting of imaging examinations as part of our inspections to make sure that radiologyservices are providing a safe, responsive, effective, caring and well-led service for patients.” A national review ofradiology reporting within the NHS in England, Care Quality Commission 2018This conference focuses on the important issue of improving radiology reporting turnaround times. The 2018 nationalreview of radiology reporting within the NHS in England by the Care Quality Commission found huge variation inradiology reporting highlighting trusts that had backlogs of 33,400 unreported images (the oldest images had beenwaiting to be reported for eight months).This conference will enable you to:• Network with colleagues who are working to improve radiology reporting turnaround times and safety• Learn from outstanding practice in radiology reporting• Reflect on national developments and learning from the the 2018 national review of radiology reporting withinthe NHS in England by the Care Quality Commission• Improve the way you monitor radiology reporting turnaround times, use key performance indicators to monitorreporting times effectively, and manage and escalate backlogs• Identify how digital imaging and the effective use of PACS and RIS can support improvement in turnaround times• Explore the role of the reporting radiographer• Identify key strategies for safe insourcing and outsourcing• Reflect on the use of Technological advances in reporting and artificial intelligence• Understand the legal implications of backlogs, unreported images and staff competence in reporting• Self assess and reflect on your own practice• Gain cpd accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence100% of delegates at our previous conference on this subject would recommend it to a colleague