A new Government Report published on the 27th September 2018 confirms that:People with SMI are at a greater risk of poor physical health and have a higher premature mortality than the general population. People with SMI in England:die on average 15 to 20 years earlier than the general populationhave 3.7 times higher death rate for ages under 75 than the general populationexperience a widening gap in death rates over timeIt is estimated that for people with SMI 2 in 3 deaths are from physical illnesses that can be prevented. Major causes of death in people with SMI include chronic physical medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, diabetes and hypertension.Compared to the general population, people under 75 years of age in contact with mental health services in England have death rates that are :5 times higher for liver disease4.7 times higher for respiratory disease3.3 times higher for cardiovascular disease2 times higher for cancerSevere mental illness (SMI) and physical health inequalities: briefing, 27th September 2018, UK GovernmentThe Five Year Forward View for Mental Health recommended that NHS England should ensure that by 2020/21, 280,000 more people having their physical health needs met by increasing early detection and expanding access to evidence-based physical care assessment and intervention.This conference takes a practical case study based approach to assessing, monitoring and improving the physical health outcomes of people with mental health conditions. There is a focus on early intervention, and through learning from organisations that have succeeded in addressing the challenge of improving the physical health of people with mental health conditions.This conference will enable you to:Network with colleagues working to improve the physical health outcomes for people with mental health conditionsReflect on the lived experience Learn from established practice in the assessment and management of physical health conditionsUnderstand and reflect on what you need to do to bring together physical and mental healthUpdate your knowledge on national developmentsEnsure every person under your care receives effective assessment and monitoring of physical health needs Understand how you can support people to improve physical health and the impact on personal recovery journeysDevelop your skills in screening, assessment, treatment and monitoringUnderstand how you can improving and monitoring the physical health of those with Schizophrenia Identify key strategies for improvement smoking cessation Self assess and reflect on your own practiceGain CPD accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence