“At least 25% of hospital beds are occupied by people with dementia and on average people with dementia stay more than twice as long in hospital then other patients over 65 years old” Alzheimer’s Society“Poor care in hospital can have devastating, lifechanging consequences for someone with dementia.” Alzheimer’s Society“Hospitals can be disorientating and frightening for someone with dementia, but there is a lot that can be done to make their stay easier to manage.” Alzheimer’s Society“By 2020, we want every person with dementia to get the safest, best care in hospital, when they receive care at home and in every care setting.” Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020“Admission to hospital is exceptionally difficult for people with dementia. Illness or injury, loss of familiar surroundings and routine, and a busy task centred environment can all worsen dementia symptoms and increase the risk of delirium. The Alzheimer’s Society cites figures obtained from Department of Health stating that people with dementia in hospital account for around 3.2 million bed days a year. Governments in both England and Wales have identified dementia care in hospitals as a priority for improvement.” National Audit of Dementia in Hospitals Annual ReportThis conference focuses on improving Dementia Care in Hospital, ensuring adherence to the 2018 NICE Guidelines and learning from the National Dementia Audit. Case studies and extended sessions will demonstrate best practice in delivering a dementia friendly hospital, and ensuring best practice and care for people with dementia.Benefits of attending: this conference will enable you to:Network with colleagues who are working to improve dementia care in hospitalUnderstand the national context and developments including updates from the National Dementia Audit and the 2018 updated NICE guidelineLearn from the lived experience of carersDevelop your skills in leading the continuous improvement of dementia care in hospitalEnsure the appropriate assessment, management and support for people with dementia in hospitalUnderstand how you can ensure care is aligned with the preferences and needs of people living with dementia and those important to themIdentify key strategies for improving the effective assessment of delirium, ensuring appropriate nutrition and working with carersLearn from best practice as identified by the CQC in the delivery of dementia friendly hospitalsEnsure best practice in the management of co-morbid conditionsSelf assess and reflect on your own practiceGain cpd accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence