In celebration of International Woman’s Day 2019, the Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Section is showcasing the use of Hypnosis in Women’s Health.Join us as we outline the role of hypnosis in important and wide-ranging clinical scenarios.A keynote address will be given on the findings from The Self-Hypnosis for Intrapartum Pain (SHIP) Trial. the aims of this event are to:Know the current evidence-based hypnotic approaches to woman with Fertility related issues, as well as those involved with IVF, Procedural Anxiety in Survivors of Sexual Abuse or experiencing the Menopause. Understand and appreciate the role of hypnosis has within clinical settings pertinent to Woman’s Health Outline the evidence for hypnosis in birthing, in particular the findings and future research and clinical implications from the SHIP Trialguest speakersMr Kenneth Finlayson on Self-Hypnosis during the antenatal phase: The Self-Hypnosis for Intrapartum Pain (SHIP) Trial Dr Jane Reid on Hypnosis for Menopausal Symptoms, Hypnosis for Procedural Anxiety in Sexual Abuse CasesDiana Tibble on Hypnosis for Fertility Related Issues; Hypnosis for Supporting Invitro Fertilisation