This one-day course explores the common cardiac problems encountered by clinicians involved in the care of children. Sessions will explore the sick baby in the emergency department, genetic heart disease, syncope in childhood, ECG, heart murmurs, palpitations and echocardiography.OverviewThe course will increase your skills and knowledge in managing common cardiac problems within paediatrics. Clinical scenarios such as a sick baby with a possible underlying cardiac problem, syncope and palpitations, along with the increasingly common question of cardiac screening in children, will be discussed using plenty of real life cases. There will also be interactive workshops to provide you with an understanding of paediatric ECGs, echocardiography and managing children with a heart murmur. The content of the course will be relevant to paediatric trainees, experienced general paediatricians as well as doctors working in the emergency department and general practice.Comprehensive approach to cardiology when working in paediatrics. Tailored at exactly the right level, knowledgeable and approachable faculty and key tips to take awayDelegate feedbackLearning aims, objectives and outcomesExplain key concepts of basic cardiology in paediatricsRecognise and manage cardiac diagnosis in an acutely unwell babyDevelop a stepwise approach at evaluating paediatric ECG’sIdentify cardiac conditions associated with genetic syndromesDiscuss the etiology and management of children with recurrent faints Clinically differentiate innocent and pathologic murmursInitiate workup in a child with palpitationsIdentify standard echocardiographic viewsAudiencePaediatric trainees, SAS doctors, newly qualified consultants and any Allied Health Professionals with an interest in cardiology.