Join us as at this evening meeting as we explore the history of organ transplantation.covered topics Britain’s first successful human to human heart transplant, reviewing the obstacles to heart transplantation and their resolutions.We’ll also cover the topical subject of cross-species transplantation – xenotransplantation, discussing its advantages and future.Sir Terence EnglishFounder of the PapworthTransplant Programme Professor David Cooper Pioneering xenotransplantationresearcher and heart transplant surgeonEmbrace the rare opportunity to meet Sir Terence English and listen to his narrative on the first successful heart transplant in the UK.ratesRSM member rates £25Non-member rates £422 course dinner with 2 glasses of wine £46subsidised student placesWe have 10 x student places available on a first come, first serve basis for just £10. Email with your details and why you would like to attend.