This important and timely conference will focus on improving care for hip fracture patients – learning from the 2018 NHFD findings and improving progress against the NICE quality standard for hip fracture. Through national updates and practical cases studies the conference will highlight best practice in hip fracture care, improving the care pathway and outcomes. The conference will focus on improving assessment, minimised delays to theatre, changing the culture to prioritise hip fracture patients for surgery, overcoming contra indications, improving the anaesthetic and surgical pathway, and ensuring prompt mobilisation after surgery – learning from the Hip Sprint audit into physiotherapy rehabilitation after hip fracture. The conference will also look at how we can reduce confusion and delirium following hip fracture surgery as highlighted by the recent NHFD Report:“The importance of early recognition or avoidance of delirium could go a long way to improving patient outcome, survival and quality of life after hip fracture. I urge trusts to use this report to examine areas where they can improve their performance. This can be achieved by focusing on key elements of the patient pathway such as nutritional support, early pain assessment and management, prompt surgery in line with NICE guidance and working to help patients get up and walking as soon as possible following their surgery for a broken hip.”Mr Dominic Inman, Consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon and NHFD clinical lead, 2018“Thousands of people are admitted to hospital every year with a broken hip. While the problem may be common, the consequences can be serious. Nationally, it’s calculated that almost a third of people who fracture a hip will die within a year and a fifth will not be able to return to their own homes to live independent lives.”ITV News Feb 2019This conference will enable you to:Network with fellow delegates working to improve services for Hip FractureLearn from the highest performing trusts in the UK as recognised by the National Hip Fracture DatabaseUnderstand and reflect on how you can improve practice, outcomes and reduce mortality locally as a result of NHFD findingsUpdate your knowledge on national developmentsReflect on how can we get this patient to surgery? Understanding and reducing medical complications, avoidable inefficiencies and unacceptable reasons for delaying theatreIdentify key strategies for improving the anaesthetic and surgical care pathway for hip fractureUnderstand on how you can improve care for Hip Fracture patients beyond the hospital settingDevelop practical strategies for assessing, reducing, recognising and treating delirium and confusionLearning from the Hip Sprint audit into physiotherapy rehabilitation after hip fracture: ensuring prompt mobilisation after surgerySelf assess and reflect on your own practiceGain cpd accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence