Are you interested in working in pre-hospital trauma care or helicopter critical care retrieval medicine? Helicopter Medical Careers will provide you with the information and inspiration you need to plan your future career.

The conference is open to paramedics, doctors, nurses and students.

Organised by Stephen Hearns, lead consultant for Scotland’s Emergency Medical Retrieval Service, the event has speakers who are experts in pre-hospital and retrieval medicine. During the conference these doctors, paramedics and nurses will share their experiences of practicing in this exciting and rapidly expanding medical speciality. They will let you know how they trained for the role, how they made helicopter medicine into a career and how it feels to work with the world’s leading helicopter services. The day aims to inspire those with a passion for helicopter medicine and guide them towards achieving a career in the speciality.

Examiners from the Royal College of Surgeons diplomas in Retrieval Medicine and Immediate Medical Care will let you know about the syllabus and format of these examinations and how to prepare for them. Speakers who have recently completed the new PHEM specialist training programme will talk about their experiences.

The event will also feature presentations about pre-hospital care in challenging environments. These will include the UK military MERT teams based on Chinook aircraft, UK search and rescue paramedicine and mountain rescue practice. Speakers will share their experience of dealing with mass casualty major incidents and how pre-hospital care is provided at large scale music festivals.

Helicopter services from Australia and the UK will be at the event to provide information about job opportunities with their teams.

The cost for doctors is £80. Paramedics and nurses will pay £60 and there is a heavily discounted rate of £30 for students (show matriculation card at registration desk).