This conference will support you to improve processes and practice with regard to handling complaints and concerns aboutmidwives in light of the NMC new approach to fitness to practise which was launched in September 2018.Chaired by Jacqui Williams, Senior Midwifery Education Advisor Education and Standards Directorate, and with an openingaddress from Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent OBE, Head of Maternity Children & Young People & National Maternity SafetyChampion, this conference will include national developments and case studies from experienced Directors of Nursing at NHSTrusts on how to effectively manage complaints or concerns about midwifery practice whilst supporting the nurse involved andensuring patient safety. The conference will update delegates on the revised NMC fitness to practise procedures which put moreemphasis on local resolution.“We’re at a turning point for fitness to practise…The changes we’re making are about putting people at the centre of fitness topractise… We’re committed to pushing forward these improvements and shaping a new future for fitness to practise.”Philip Graf Council Chair Nursing and Midwifery Council 2018“Our new approach puts people at the heart of what we do and encourages a culture of openness and honesty. This is the bestway for nurses, midwives and the wider health and care system to learn from mistakes and prevent them from happeningagain….If we can get to a culture where people are willing to be open about what’s gone wrong that helps patient safety.”Matthew McClelland, director of fitness to practise at the NMC, September 2018, Nursing Times“We’ll work more closely with employers so that as many issues as possible can be resolved quickly and effectively at a locallevel. We’ll give greater consideration to the context in which incidents occur, because we know that nurses and midwives facecomplex issues and pressures every day.” NMC 2018This conference will enable you to:• Network with colleagues who are working to improve the management of concerns regarding midwifery practise• Reflect on national developments including understanding the implications of the new NMC fitness to practise process• Learn from outstanding practice in supporting midwives in difficulty• Improve the way your identify and investigate complaints and concerns about midwives• Understanding what can be managed at a local level and what needs to go to the NMC• Develop your skills in investigating concerns whilst ensuring patient safety and adherence to disciplinary and legal aspects ofany investigation• Understand how it feels to be a subject of a performance or fitness to practise concern• Explore contextual factors surrounding mistakes at each stage of decision-making process• Develop your skills in supporting midwives who have a physical or mental health issue including work related stress• Identify key strategies for remedial action• Self-assess and reflect on your own practice