The CRN GM Workforce, Learning & Development Team are now offering a pathway of development opportunities focusing solely on the topic of Informed Consent in Clinical Research.The opportunities are incremental in the need to understand the consent process – from being part of a team who seek consent to being a consent designee.Each stage looks at consent from a behavioural/practical perspective, rather than an ethical one.Workshops are interactive, involving the application of theory into practice – using self-reflection & workshop exercises.Before booking, please review the pathway in relation to your role & experience:- Level: Foundation – new to seeking consent in clinical research.Research practitioners can access this workshop after Essentials training – within 3-6 months of induction.Aims:This half-day workshop is an introduction – providing background and theory – supporting progress towards competence in seeking / receiving informed consent in clinical research. If applicable to your role the half day session can be turned into a whole day by attending the afternoon meeting which will specifically cover Adults Lacking Capacity and Children’s Consent.It gives the grounding required to seek further training within the pathway.Delegates will be encouraged to:-Relate workshop content to practiceReflect on current knowledge and practice & plan for role development / assessment of competenceApply course content to enhance the patient/participant experienceObjectives:To improve skills and increase confidence in the application of “good research practice” by:-Understanding the ethical and legislative frameworks supporting informed consentUnderstanding the principles of consent and responsibilities of the consent designeeDeveloping an understanding of the research consent ‘5-Step Conversation’Make use of opportunities to apply theory into practiceIf you have any queries, please contact