Returning to work after a career break or going back to work after an extended period away from work (i.e. maternity leave, research) can prove to be quite a challenge. Whatever the reason, the period of time absent from work causes a feeling of reduced confidence and lack of certainty about your ability to perform a particular job when you return to work.

GASAgain is structured to provide strategies for managing a return to work. Not only are there simulation scenarios to refresh your skills, but there is also a series of workshops underpinned by short relevant lectures to update you on the latest in the world of anaesthesia.

The day is about providing essential updates (i.e. resuscitation, patient safety checks) whilst giving you the opportunity to build your confidence managing common and unusual emergency scenarios again.

The course has limited spaces to provide individual attention. We will individualise the scenarios to cater to the grade of the anaesthetist. We will provide you with a course booklet prior to the course (via email) with important algorithms, articles, references.

Who is the course aimed at?
To obtain maximum benefit from this simulation day, all participants must have:

Completed 1 year full time employment in anaesthetics
Have an employer with whom they are planning their return to work
Not been away from clinical practice for longer than 2 years
What to expect from GASAgain
Confidence building (the main aim of the course)
Revision of algorithms (Resus – adult and paediatric, DAS)
Real time physiology simulation with medium/high fidelity
Chance to practice non-technical skills (communication, team work)
Insight into error and understanding your limitations (fatigue, anxiety on return to work)
Debriefing sessions (group sharing of knowledge, experimental and reflective learning)
All the above is done in a non-threatening environment without real patients and hence, no ability to cause harm.

Simulation and workshop topics include: