The course is aimed at those who can already use the software to carry out a simple statistical analysis of their data. The course is designed to follow on from the Introduction to R course also run frequently by our team. However, it is also recommended for those who have learned the basics of R elsewhere. We assume attendees have both a basic knowledge of R programming and statistics (e.g. mean, median, confidence intervals).The following topics are covered on the day:An introduction to the Rstudio softwareOrganising and merging multiple datasetsConditional (TRUE of FALSE) statementsConditional commands (if, if else, etc.)LoopsCreating your own functionDelegates are welcome to bring their own laptops and access to the UCL Guest network will also be provided. Everyone wishing to bring their own computer should ensure R and Rstudio is installed before attending (installation guidelines will be made available two weeks before the course).