Course CodeF2WCourse LeaderMo DoshiCourse DescriptionWhat kind of workshop is this?The workshops are for London GPs who are interested in teaching F2 doctors.What is the entry criteria?In order to undertake a workshop you should:be at least 18 months post-completion of specialty traininghave MRCGP (desirable)either be a trainer or have attended ITTPC or an equivalent introductory coursePlease note: F2 supervisors must be 2 years post-CCT when they are approved as a foundation supervisor by the patch associate dean.What does the workshop involve?The workshop is one day, 9.30am to 4.30pm and involves F2 specific training, covering the curriculum and assessment methods.Who can apply?Participants who have attended the Introduction to Teaching Primary Care (ITTPC) or an equivalent courseParticipants who have attended the Introduction to Teaching Out of Hours (ITOOH) courseGraduates of Postgraduate Certificate for Teachers in Primary Care or an equivalent courseEstablished trainersIf you are in any doubt about eligibility please contact Kevin Gargan: