About the Event


The Global Centre for Nutrition and Health (NNEdPro) Nutrition Education Policy in Healthcare Practice (NEPHELP) endeavours to address and tackle the widespread deficiencies in nutritional awareness, knowledge and skills amongst health-care professionals in primary and secondary care in the UK. This is fundamental as suboptimal nutrition management throughout healthcare systems is a leading cause of disease morbidity and mortality.


The project aims to make good nutrition a priority for everyone in every setting. Specifically, an aim is to create an Implementation Pathway Project (IPP) to enable decision makers to use a synthesis of tools and research to implement nutrition education in healthcare as a key systems improvement lever; design a bespoke, cross-disciplinary, sustainable educational programme on nutrition in healthcare that actively engage patients and carers; and to deliver a multidisciplinary, stepwise, learning focussed package targeting malnutrition in the acute hospital and community setting. In addition, the project aims to increase meaningful screening, assessment and treatment of malnutrition, for example, the use of the MUST (Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool).


The bespoke nutrition education training materials have been co-created by experts in the field and health professionals in conjunction with public, patient and carer involvement. The resources were integrated into a 3-hour education session (Table 1) which was successfully piloted at the British Medical Journal Quality and Safety in Healthcare conference in Glasgow to a heterogenous International sample of healthcare professionals (n=40). Thereafter, the national roadshow has commenced, and the education session has been delivered to a group of Foundation Doctors in Brighton (n=33) and at Health Education England (n=40). With the focus to deliver the session to GPs (n=50) and medical students (n=300), the initiative is now planning next steps to ensure completion and evaluation by mid-November. A session for GP’s has been booked in Lewes (n=20), and NNEdPro are in discussions with collaborator Nutritank to organise a webinar for medical students spanning 6 Universities. This highlights a gap for 30 GPs to meet the initially proposed number of attendees for the national roadshow.