Reliable and informed expert opinion from paediatricians with the appropriate knowledge and experience to give an independent view on a specific issue plays a fundamental role in enabling the judicial system to reach key decisions that affect children’s lives in child protection cases.This two-day course provides paediatricians, who are already acting in an expert capacity or those with professional witness experience wishing to do so in the future, with the skills required to fulfil this key responsibility.An excellent course in improving statement preparations and developing courtroom skills. I would definitely recommend the course.Delegate from previous courseAboutWe are pleased to be working with Bond Solon, the UK’s leading legal training and information company specifically for non-lawyers, in delivering this highly interactive, practical course which has been specifically developed for paediatricians.You will gain an understanding of how the different court systems work, the purpose of the expert witness role (compared to professional witnesses) and your responsibility as an independent educator of the court. You will also learn more about the key skills required to present confident, clear testimony under cross-examination and how to express an independent opinion based on the foundation of fact.In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a structured approach to preparing expert reports with feedback given on one of your own reports that you will be required to submit in advance as part of this course.Learning aims, objectives and outcomes The aim of this course is to equip paediatricians being called as expert witnesses with the skills to produce constructive independent reports and to effectively testify in court to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child.By the end of this course you will be able to:describe the roles and responsibilities of expert witnesses and how these differ from professional witnessesproduce independent expert reports that meets the specifications of the different court systemstestify in court as an expert witness with the skills and confidence required to provide the best possible outcomes for the child.This course provides an excellent overview of what is expected as an expert witness, very good written information about what to include in written reports and how to prepare to be cross examined. Gives you confidence to attempt an expert witness report.Audience This course is for consultant paediatricians, SAS doctors and those with current experience of being an expert witness or (if looking to step up into this role) current experience of being a professional witness.