The ability to make difficult decisions is one of the defining roles of the modern NHS doctor today, whether related to a particular patient, treatment or service.Managing these decisions under the increasing pressure and demands faced by many healthcare environments can be both challenging and overwhelming. At its most acute, life and death are never far away from each other, and can have a lasting impact on many individuals, beyond the time of the event in question.This workshop aims to develop your critical decision making skills under pressure. You will explore problem typologies, associated behaviours, and ethical theories to help you make and rationalise your future decisions.You will be asked to grapple with concepts such as the ‘wrong wrong’ dilemma, where possible courses of action all appear morally wrong but the situation requires a decision and that no decision is equally wrong. This will be taught through interactive teaching, which includes small group work and role play activities.You will benefit from the experience of Dr. Bryan Watters OBE, a Senior Lecturer at Cranfield University’s School of Defence and Security. Dr. Watters lectures and researches on leadership, strategic management, leadership of change and research methodology. He is the Director of the Cranfield Defence Leadership MSc. Dr Bryan Watters OBE biog 112.14 KBWho should attend?This workshop is suitable for doctors of all grades and specialty who make high-level decisions.Day 113 November 2019 09:30 to 16:00