This module will enable you to learn how electrosurgery can make surgery safer for the patient, and more efficient for you. Through topics from basic principles, applications and hazards, you will understand how electrosurgery can be incorporated into your surgical practice.RCS membership entitles you to a 10% discount on this module. Find out if you’re eligible to join or transfer. 6 PG Cert Credits0.0 CPD Points: TBCYou will cover topics including:Course IntroductionHistory and Basic PrinciplesSurgical TechniquesPatient Plate ElectrodesComplications and Safe PracticeMinimal Access SurgeryAfter completing this Energy in Surgery module, you will be able to :Describe the principles of electrosurgery and the difference between bipolar and monopolar circuits, and cauteryDefine how to apply the four basic clinical techniques of monopolar circuits in practiceIdentify why complications occur in electrosurgery and how to avoid them