This one-day course will provide healthcarepractitioners involved in palliative and elderlycare an introduction to the legal framework inwhich they practice.The day will cover the basic statutory andcommon law framework that governs how ahealthcare professional can treat and care forthose at the end of their lives.Through case studies the implications of bestinterest assessments and the Deprivation ofLiberty Safeguards (DoLS) will be explored.Key Learning Objectives:• Statutory framework, including the MentalCapacity Act 2005 and how it applies in dayto-daypractice• Using the common law principles – standardof care and consent• Undertaking and documenting capacityassessments• Best interest assessments and an overviewof DNA CPR• Human Rights Act 1998 including WyeValley NHS Trust v B decision• Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards• Cheshire West case and the ‘acid test’• Independent Mental Capacity Advocates