• Public Health
• Menopause and PMS
• Gynaecology
• Ethics and Legal Issues
• Contraception
Bayer is pleased to invite you to our ‘Women’s Health Matters’ Medical educationa l programme which aims to inspire, update and support h ealthcare professionals involved in the area of Women’s Health. These meetings are organised and fully funded by Bayer.

This free-to-attend meeting will provid e an evidence-based update for trainers on:
• Contraception in challenging patient groups
• Medico-legal issues in clinical practice
• Reproductive health strategy
• Common gynaecologicalproblems at a contraceptive consultation
• Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
This meeting includes a letter of attendance for 5.5 hours of medical education.
Prescribing information for any Bayer products mentioned -.will be available at the meeting upon request