The direct to consumer genetic testing is on the rise worldwide, and while these tests provide people access to their genetic information without necessarily involving a healthcare provider, the patients search for their doctors’ advice on the results. From genealogy to health, healthcare providers are expected to be able to respond to the patients’ questions and be well informed of the benefits and risks of genetic testing direct to the public.Through multidisciplinary lectures from renowned specialists as well as lively panel discussions, this event will give you a comprehensive view of the tests available and their implications. The meeting will close with a rerun of the dynamic 2018 Varsity debate on the subject and votes from the audience.Meeting topics:The genetic tests on offer, both for health and for ancestry.Insight into the implications of DTC genetic testing.Understand the potential impact of DTC in liver cirrhosisDiscuss the ethical concerns and challenges posed by DTCKnow the precision of ancestral DNA testingUnderstand the impact of ancestral testing on populations