Day surgery is now provided for an increasing range of procedures, in patients ranging from the very fit to the rather frail. It has become the standard of care for many elective surgery procedures, a increasing number of urgent / emergency procedures and should be the de-fault option for all 200 procedures within the British Association of Day Surgery (BADS) Di-rectory of Procedures.As the healthcare industry faces a cost predicament and constant pressures on in-patient beds, it is incumbent upon healthcare professionals and hospital managers to identify and reduce unnecessary practices without worsening patient outcomes. Enhanced recovery pro-grammes are well established in many centres and aim to improve patients’ experience of care and expedite recovery from elective surgical procedures in the shortest possible time, without compromising safety. New procedures/ techniques or improved pathways that can create both a reduction in cost and improved patient outcomes are constantly being sought after. Hospital stay after surgery constitutes a large percentage of the entire procedure’s cost. We shall hear from a number of centres who have reduced their length of stay for General Surgery procedures such as Laparoscopic Fundoplication and Right HemicolectomyCurrently, the average hospital length of stay (LOS) after a colectomy and fundoplication is 7 days to 10 days and 3 days respectively in the United Kingdom. However, a trend is emerging toward shorter LOS following colectomies and fundoplications by changing the perioperative procedures. The improvement of patient selection, pre-operative optimisation and surgical advances have all contributed to a shorter LOS and same day discharge in some centres.We have invited expert speakers on establishing paediatric day case service; Day case emergency general surgery and ways to further expand your day case population through appropriate patient selection and prehabilitation.There will be an opportunity for discussion with the speakers, experts from BADS and partic-ipants from across the UK which will be of interest to those with medical and nursing back-grounds.