This one day NHS networking conference will focus on the practicalities for supporting your patients with diabetes during pregnancy. By focusing on diabetes care from pre-conception through to birth, this networking conference will provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge that you need to drive forward your service.Utilise this unique opportunity to hear from leading diabetes professionals working in pregnancy from across the country and come together with teams from other trusts to share best practice, gain new ideas and be inspired to develop the care you deliver. Improving access to technology: delivering Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) in line with new guidanceManaging your diabetes patients pre-conceptionManaging diabetes throughout pregnancy: keeping your patients and their babies safe during early pregnancyProgressing the management of diabetes and the advice shared for patients in their second trimester How can technology aid you in supporting your pregnant patients with their type 1 diabetes?Changing diabetes management in your patients’ third trimester of pregnancyImproving psychosocial wellbeing of type 1 diabetes patients during their pregnancyKeeping your patient safe during delivery: best practice guidance for managing diabetes during deliveryManaging diabetes after birth: insulin requirements and breast feeding implications