What the day includes:
It is our belief that every practice should possess a
dermatoscope and have at least one doctor adequately
trained to safely use it. The main role of Dermoscopy in
Primary Care is to help identify benign lesions.
The majority of seborrhoeic keratoses, angioma,
dermatofibroma and blue naevi can be readily identified
with a dermatoscope. This can help reduce referrals /
unnecessary skin surgery it might be helpful to have a
look at the PCDS website for some pre-course study
The course is suitable for:
As an introductory course it is suitable for those with little
or no previous knowledge as well as those for whom the
early stages require reinforcement and reassurance.
This course is aimed at GPs and VTS registrars primarily
but would also be appropriate for specialist nurses
involved in skin care. Indeed anyone involved in examining
and advising patients about their skin lesions would
This is not a practical hands-on course