GPs use Stetho-, auro- and ophthalmoscopes
because they help in establishing
health or disease. Dermoscopy is another aid
to diagnosis which we feel at least one member of any practice
should be competent to use.
For some time the PCDS has been a leading proponent of
Dermoscopy and NICE Guidance now recommends
dermoscopy for suspicious lesions.
It is not enough to buy an instrument and expect to be an
instant expert and we have become aware of the need for
training at an introductory level to augment the more advanced
existing PCDS courses.
This course is designed to provide GPs with the knowledge of
types of instruments, what you can rapidly learn to improve
your diagnostic accuracy and to warn you when expert opinion
is needed.
The aim of the training is to teach how to safely differentiate the
obviously benign lesions, such as seborrhoeic keratosis, from
possible cases of melanoma and thereby reduce the large
numbers of skin lesions that are referred unnecessarily to
secondary care under the two-week rule.
Stephen Kownacki
Executive Chairman, PCDS