Friday 24 April08:45–09:10 Registration and coffee09:10–09:20 IntroductionProfessor Hamish McAllister-Williams (Newcastle) DEPRESSION (CO-ORDINATED BY: SASHA GARTSIDE)09:20–10:05 Pharmacology of antidepressantsDr Sasha Gartside (Newcastle) 10:05–10:10 Questions10:10–10:55 Clinical use of antidepressantsDr Peter Talbot (Manchester) 10:55–11:15 Coffee11:15–12:00 Managing difficult to treat depression Professor Hamish McAllister-Williams (Newcastle) 12:00–12:30 Panel Questions / DiscussionDr Sasha Gartside and Dr Peter Talbot and Professor Hamish McAllister-Williams 12:30–13:15 LunchANXIETY DISORDERS (CO-ORDINATED BY: DAVID BALDWIN)13:15–13:45 Pharmacology of anxiolytics and how it relates to neurobiology of anxietyProfessor John Atack (Brighton) 13:45–13:50 Questions13:50–14:30 Summary of the revised BAP guidelines for treating patients with anxiety disorders Professor David Baldwin (Southampton) 14:30–15:10 Clinical art of prescribing in anxiety disorders and obsessive compulsive disordersProfessor Naomi Fineberg (Hertfordshire) 15:10–15:30 Panel Questions / DiscussionProfessor John Atack and Professor David Baldwin and Professor Naomi Fineberg 15:30–15:50 TeaSLEEP (CO-ORDINATED BY: SUE WILSON)15:50–16:20 Underlying physiology and pharmacology of sleepDr Sue Wilson (London) 16:20–16:50 Prescribing for Sleep DisordersDr Hugh Selsick (London) 16:50–17:10 Panel Questions / DiscussionDr Sue Wilson and Dr Hugh Selsick 17:10–17:15 Sum-up and close